9 professional hacks to do up your residence the proper way

Much of us think that when your house is constructed & the job of the designer group mores than, the complicated component is done, and when establishing the house absolutely nothing can fail. Besides, it is just the personal taste that counts and in the end it is simply US who need to really feel […]

Bonade Releases New Mixer Faucet

German fixture company Bonade is known for providing high end faucets at affordable prices. The company recently released a Modern Brass Kitchen Sink Tap Single Lever Mixer Faucet with Double-Pull-Out Spray. LOCATION DATE German design firm, Bonade has earned its reputation for affordable luxury over the course of forty years. The company is known within […]

Die neuesten Nachrichten von Bonade

Funktion trifft Design: Einhebel-Waschtischarmatur von BONADE® mit belebender Wasserfall-Funktion Als funktionale Design-Komponente für das Badezimmer präsentiert der Hersteller Bonade eine Einhebel-Waschtischarmatur mit gesonderter Wasserfall-Funktion. Die Badarmatur bereichert das Waschbecken optisch durch einen formschön geschwungenen Wasserhahn und bietet neben der belebenden Wasserschwall-Funktion ebenfalls kostensenkende Energieeffizienz. So reduziert die Bonade Armatur dank ihrer technischen Eigenschaften den Wasserverbrauch […]

Those things that you know but are ignored by you -water

Water leakage is a troublesome problem. First, affect your normal life. If you are living alone, perhaps only wait until the weekend to repair, constantly dripping sound may make you feel irritable and you’re not used to open the water supply valve. Second, spend more water. The constantly leaking faucet represents a worse money problem, […]

Shenzhen’s best faucet brand offering sales on trendy water saving faucets

Leading Shenzhen water faucet manufacturer Bonade is currently offering discounts on its new waterfall water-saving stylish faucets. They are durable, easily cleanable and saves water up to 50%. Place, Date: Good news for homeowners looking for trendy faucets for washroom makeover! Shenzhen’s best faucet brand Bonade is currently offering sales on its latest basin taps […]